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Articles authored or co-authored by Dr. Claire Brown.

  • Brown, Claire Damken, & Audrey Nelson. (2009 November). HR Managers’ Unspoken Messages: Your Face Says It All. The Advisor published by Colorado Human Resource Association.
  • Brown, Claire Damken, & Audrey Nelson. (2007 Fall). Hey, Let Me Finish: The Mechanics of Gender Communication, HR Success. p. 28-31.
  • Brown, Claire Damken, Charlotte Snedeker & Beate Sykes.(1997). Defining Diversity: An Overview. In C. Damken Brown, C. Snedeker, & B. Sykes (Eds.), Conflict and Diversity (pp. 5-12). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

  • Brown, Claire Damken. (1997). An Essay: Diversity and Unspoken Conflicts. In C. Damken Brown, C. Snedeker, & B. Sykes (Eds.), Conflict and Diversity (pp. 217-226). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
  • Sykes, Beate, & Brown, Claire Damken. (1997). The Implications of Labeling White Men: A Diversity Manager's Perspective. In C. Damken Brown, C. Snedeker, & B. Sykes (Eds.), Conflict and Diversity (pp. 243-250). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
  • Brown, Claire.   (1993, December). Male/Female Mentoring: Turning Potential Risks into Rewards, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Vol. 36, No. 4, 197-201.
    To order:
  • Brown, Claire. (1992, November). Changing Corporate Culture: The Real Challenge of Diversity. Managing Diversity.
    To order call toll free: 1-800-542-7869. Learn more at
  • Brown, Claire. (1992, November). The Male/Female Mentoring Relationship: Rewards and Risks. Cultural Diversity at Work, Vol. 5, No. 2.
    To order:

Media: Magazines, Newspapers, TV, Radio

arrowDenver Metro Small Business Development Center
Article Published: 10 Tips to Enhancing Women's Credibility - Click here for article   

arrow News interview by AOL on Code Switching: How to Talk so Men will Listen by Aaron Crowe 10-30-10 - Click here for article
arrowManagement Workforce Diversity Course, at Metropolitan State University at Denver
Management Workforce Diversity Course, at Metropolitan State University at Denver: Are you looking for something your students can actually use?
Dr. Claire Brown will again be assigning Code Switching: How to TalkSo Men Will Listen, to her students to read and discuss. This book is guaranteed to get women and men talking about how to improve communicating with each other!
Contact Claire for more information:

arrowNews 12 New Jersey, "12 In Our Schools"claire            
Dr. Claire Damken Brown was the sole guest on 30-minute TV program.
Topic: Women transitioning from college to the workplace: Code Switching Tips.
July 31-Aug 1, 2010 - Program aired 8 times on News 12 NJ channel serving the central and northeastern
counties of New Jersey and New York City metropolitan area;available to over 1.8 million viewers.  Watch for interview to be posted here.

arrowEveryday 10 am Talk Show (5/27/10)    
KDVR/KWGN-TV - Channel 2
“Women in the Headlines: Every Woman Can Learn Watching Clinton, Bullock, and Pelosi.” - Click here for interview

arrowMonday, May 17, 2010                                     
 “Up Close and Personal” radio show
Outlet Contact: Bonnie D Graham, Topic: Language of Relationships in 2010

arrowThe New Superhero - Women in the Workplace Show (5/1/10)
Aurelia Lyles interviews Claire about Working Women and Code Switching.  
The Cocoa Express Blog Talk Radio - click here for interview Conversations with Dr. Nancy (2/15/10)
Code Switching with Claire and host, Dr. Nancy - Click here to listen   

arrowCode Switching Book Review by Dr. Nancy (2/2/10) - click here for article

arrowThe Summit Daily News, Frisco, Colorado (1/22/10)
Learn To Communicate Better by Kimberly Nicoletti - Click here to view article

arrowConnecting Women Radio (12/19/09)    
Code Switching - Click here to listen

arrowThe Advisor (12/2009)
HR Managers' Unspoken Messages: Your Face Says It All - click here for article    

arrowWisconsin Law Journal (12/03/2009)
New book can help female attorneys improve communication skills by Jane Pribek - click here for article 

arrowThe Herald (10/19/2009)
Interview with Auckland, New Zealand - click for article 

arrowColorado Parent (Fall 2009)
Boys will be boys and girls will be girls - as soon as their gender is announced - click for article  

arrowUK Telegraph (10/9/09)
October - Why men write short email and women write emotional messages - Click here for article

arrowRadio: "Your Time With Kim Iverson" (10/8/09)
Syndicated in nine Cities - Denver - ALICE Radio KALC 105.9 Interview held on October 8, 2009 - Part 1 | Part 2

arrowNEWS!! KWGN Channel 2
Interview on Code Switching  - click here for interview

arrowReuters (10/8/09)- Claire and coauthor Audrey were interviewed by for Reuters.
Within 12 hours of the article being posted MSNBC, ABC, Forbes and many international publications picked it up.
Click here of article



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